Our Journey

We’re reigniting passion for rum

Rum is intimately entwined with Australian history and Sydney Rum Distillery is proud to be a part of this rich and colourful tradition. Our goal has always been to create a range of premium Australian Rum in a manner that shows respect and reverence to our unique provenance.

Isolated, vast, and wild, Australia is home to unique maturation climates and native botanicals not found anywhere else in the world. We strive to create rum which embodies the Australian spirit of warmth, camaraderie and perseverance.

We’re reintroducing the true value of exquisite, premium rum and reigniting passion for this versatile spirit.

In 2015 founders David Ward and Chris Middleton recognised the potential to deliver consumers a new kind of Australian rum that leverages our unique botanicals. Their vision was to combine the care of artisanal craftmanship with production capability large enough to meet global demand.

House of Australian Rum

Australia has been growing sugar cane for over 150 years and is one of the largest producers and global exporters. This along with our ability to procure high quality local raw materials, means that we are uniquely poised to provide a premium drinking experience that harnesses the Australian spirit. Our broader brand portfolio also delivers a unique Asia Pacific origin blended rum – as we celebrate wider diversity and world class quality. In the coming years, our liquid profile will transition from sourced Asia Pacific origin to 100% Australian provenance via multiple product brands as our distillery operations evolve.

Our rum is an expression of our land, culture and distinctive climate. We are disruptive, industrious and aim to redefine perceptions of what Australian rum can be. We value our connection to the natural environment and have designed a world class and sustainable rum production facility that embraces clean energy.

We seek to introduce the world to a form of Australian ingenuity unlike anything they’ve ever seen or tasted before.

Success To Date

Proof Of Concept
  • Risk management planning for business including distillery construction is complete and is continuously being refined and improved.
  • Market research and multiple product portfolio branding is complete.
  • Distillery plant design and engineering completed for future development.
  • Financial, governance and ESOP models have been built. Experienced and appropriate Human capital Raw materials and maturation assets.
  • Feedstock selection of yeast species trials are well advanced.
  • Large-format Virgin American White Oak purchased to produce the required number of vats and strategic procurement of diverse oak assets including First-Fill ex-Bourbon American Oak and French Oak barrels in partnership with collaborative domestic and international partners.
Intellectual Property
  • Development of liquids has commenced and will accelerate during blending and bottling phase.
  • Market research and multiple product portfolio branding is complete.
  • Distillery plant design and engineering completed for future development.
  • Financial governance and ESOP models have been built.
Commercial relationships
  • Strategic alliances with local, state, and federal government agencies are being developed.
  • Revenue generation, distribution contracts and collaborative supply partner outcomes achieved through the acquisition of Cargo Cult (Small Batch Spirits Company).
  • Commercial relationships established to source and purchase bulk spirits from domestic and global sources.
  • Distillery property development and construction partner on the team.
  • Have been employed. They bring industry and commercial intelligence to drive strategic growth of the business.
  • Have been developed in the Hunter Valley and Central coast regions.
Next Steps

SRD is now raising capital to enter the next major growth phase. This phase will encompass the below priorities.

  1. Launch of the Welcome Stranger portfolio using a third-party blend and contract packaging strategy. This will establish early brand recognition in global markets and revenue generation.
  2. Execution of a large supply agreement contract of custom “New make” cane spirit (in accordance with Australian standards) for two-year plus maturation to deliver 100% Australian provenance and launch our secondary brand portfolio – Natural Born, to international and domestic markets.
  3. Commence planning and DA approval for the construction of the distillery.