The Sydney Rum Distillery Opportunity

Through extensive research Sydney Rum Distillery has identified an exciting investment opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of both Asia Pacific and Australian provenance rums. As the last major spirit to ‘premiumise’, now is the time to invest in an industry that offers attractive gross margins and solid balance sheet growth.

Consumers are making more considered choices when it comes to alcohol consumption and are choosing to invest in higher quality spirits. A new generation of consumers are gravitating to brands which place authenticity, transparency and sustainability at the heart of their operations. SRD has created a highly considered and progressive brand identity to appeal to these discerning international consumers.

Our aim is to capitalise on the growing international recognition of quality Australian artisanal produce. We will leverage this reputation along with Australia’s sugarcane industry to create a range of premium rums that will primarily be sold to an international market. The rums are meticulously balanced and feature a curated selection of Australian native botanicals as well as a customised wood policy program to deliver a unique drinking experience. SRD have designed an advanced ‘craft with scale distillery.’

Vision for The Future

To create a profitable and valuable rum company that showcases premium Australian provenance to the world via Rum brands offering premium+ expressions made from the finest Australian sugarcane.

Underpinned by a ‘craft with scale’ distillery, marketed and sold to a network of distributors internationally and locally.

To be the first movers in building premium+ Australian Rum at scale in rapidly developing global markets.

Opportunity to subscribe for equity is being made to pre-qualified sophisticated investors.

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Why Rum?

  • Rum and cane is the third largest international spirit after vodka and whisky
  • Global Premium+ Rum category is growing rapidly (+12% CAGR ’17-’22)
  • There is an International thirst for Asia Pacific and Australian Rum provenance in Europe & UK regions
  • Rum is the last major spirit to premiumise making it an exciting investment opportunity
  • Australia is abundant in the natural resources necessary for rum production including a thriving sugarcane industry
  • Rum is growing in popularity as more consumers embrace this diverse spirit
  • The domestic rum scene has not seen the level of investment and ambition within the previous century.
  • Rum is inherently more diverse than other spirits with many sensory profiles