Next Steps

SRD is now raising capital to enter the next major growth phase. This phase will encompass the below priorities. Launch of the Welcome Stranger portfolio using a third-party blend and contract packaging strategy. This will establish early brand recognition in global markets and revenue generation. Execution of a large supply agreement contract of custom “New … Read more

Commercial relationships

Strategic alliances with local, state, and federal government agencies are being developed. Revenue generation, distribution contracts and collaborative supply partner outcomes achieved through the acquisition of Cargo Cult (Small Batch Spirits Company). Commercial relationships established to source and purchase bulk spirits from domestic and global sources. Distillery property development and construction partner on the team. … Read more

Intellectual Property

Development of liquids has commenced and will accelerate during blending and bottling phase. Market research and multiple product portfolio branding is complete. Distillery plant design and engineering completed for future development. Financial governance and ESOP models have been built.

Proof Of Concept

Risk management planning for business including distillery construction is complete and is continuously being refined and improved. Market research and multiple product portfolio branding is complete. Distillery plant design and engineering completed for future development. Financial, governance and ESOP models have been built. Experienced and appropriate Human capital Raw materials and maturation assets. Feedstock selection … Read more